As a small business, Radix specialise in the areas where we have the best expertise and knowledge. 

We aim to provide an excellent level of service to our clients at all times and endeavour to exceed client expectations wherever possible, while working within agreed budgets and timescales.

Our clients range from Self-employed professionals working from home, to medium size businesses with up to 50 PCs or laptops - but typically little or no on-site IT expertise.

Radix aim to make clients as self-sufficient as possible and generally are called on when clients need advice and expertise resolving a particular problem or planning a new project or upgrade.

We provide support in a number of areas, not limited to the following:

  • IT Consultancy - Planning and implementing new software or hardware - or reviewing an existing set-up.
  • Servers - We supply, install and configure Windows servers and other server software including FTP Servers, Microsoft Exchange, VPOP3 mail servers and similar packages.
  • Office 365 - For Professional, Business class email, Office 365 with Hosted Exchange from Microsoft offers full corporate email functionality and ease of use with minimal outlay.  Office 365 is the most cost-effective way to keep your Office software up to date with Hosted Exchange providing the best possible email experience for users.
  • Systems - We supply and install PCs and servers according to clients requirements.  Desktop systems include on-site installation and configuration, as well as data transfer from existing systems.
  • Service - We maintain and service PCs periodically or on-demand, installing updates and checking for issues such as malware that impede the performance and the secure operation of PCs.
  • Installation - We can advise or install software, PC or network hardware according to your needs.  We often work with 3rd party suppliers to provide on-site technical support where the supplier cannot or does not have their own staff available.
  • Support - We provide both on-site and remote IT support for a wide variety of clients, generally in the West Midlands and Warwickshire.  We also work further afield when required and appropriate.
  • Repair - We can repair and upgrade most types of PCs, Laptops, Servers and other computer related equipment.
  • Data Recovery - We can often recover data from failing hard disks in our own offices using a variety of non-invasive techniques with a very high success rate.  Where this cannot be done, we have access to experienced specialists able to recover data from practically any device at very reasonable prices.
  • Broadband - We supply and install ADSL and VDSL (Fibre) broadband connections - as well as investigating and resolving poor speed and reliability issues.  We also supply and install additional hardware firewalls and secure wireless networks where required.