As a small business, Radix specialise in the areas where we have the best expertise and knowledge. 

We aim to provide an excellent level of service to our clients at all times and endeavour to exceed client expectations wherever possible, while working within agreed budgets and timescales.

Our clients range from Self-employed professionals working from home, to medium size businesses with up to 50 PCs or laptops - but typically little or no on-site IT expertise.

Radix aim to make clients as self-sufficient as possible and generally are called on when clients need advice and expertise resolving a particular problem or planning a new project or upgrade.

We provide support in a number of areas, not limited to the following:

  • IT Consultancy, Support and other Services - We provide a wide range of IT support and related services.  Click HERE for further information.

  • "Remote hands On-Site" - When you need someone with a broad range of technical ability on-site, at your premises or at a clients, we can help.  With highly flexible working arrangements, Radix can provide a wide range of in-person expertise where you need it, and usually at short notice.  This could be a simple, specific task or project - or a more complex requirement.
  • Electronic Services - Including Repairs, Design and prototyping of new or replacement electronic devices

  • PCB Design and Development - Using the latest Kicad PCB software, We can design PCBs according to your requirements.

  • Embedded Microcontroller Development - We have experience developing custom projects using ESP32 Microcontrollers

  • Software Design and Development - We also design and develop bespoke software according to client requirements - including Desktop applications and Microcontroller solutions.