Diagnostic Site Links

Links to useful diagnostic web sites: 




BT Broadband availability checker

Check a BT telephone line for availability of broadband services.


Online Internet speed test web site

Nominet WHOIS Lookup

Look up details for .co.uk domain names

Mark Monitor Allwhois

Look up details for almost any domain name



PlusNet Service Status


PlusNet ADSL Service Notices


PlusNet ADSL Gateway Checker



MTU Ping Test

Check MTU - Requires ICMP on Router WAN

GRC DNS Benchmark

Download - tests local DNS performance

GRC Inspectre Utility

Download - Checks for slow performance due to Inspectre and Meltdown patches


MX Toolbox SMTP Server Check

SMTP Configuration Checks


MX Toolbox DMARC Record Check

MX Toolbox DMARK Record information

SPF-DKIM-DMARC Record Checker

Check SPF, DKIM and DMARC Records for a domain


Have I been pwned

Check for email addresses in known data breaches


Kaspersky Anti-Virus Utilities

Specialised utilities to remove specific Virus and Rootkit infections.  Use with care!