Critical Updates

Windows Small Business Server 2011 (and earlier versions)


Windows Small Business Server 2011 was withdrawn from sale by Microsoft in 2012 and as of 2016, is regarded as a "Mature" product and in the last phase of Microsoft Support, known as "Extended Support".

Small Business Server - or SBS2011 - and all previous versions of SBS include "On-Premises" Exchange server, to provide corporate class email services to small businesses as part of a very attractively prices software package.

Since 2014, Microsofts own "Hosted Exchange" product, part of "Office 365" has provided a much improved option for Businesses wanting "Best in class" crporate email at the best price and level of service.

Radix Services, as an Official Microsoft Partner, recommend companies currently using "On-Premises" servers look to migrate to "Hosted Exchange" by the end of 2016 for the following reasons:

  • Moving to Hosted Exchange privides a greater level of reliability and support for your Microsoft Exchange services with 24x7 support and dual redundant datacentres located in Europe.
  • "Hosted Exchange" allows your critical email services to function even if your on-site server, network or Internet connection fails.
  • "Hosted Exchange" allows ageing SBS servers to run more efficiently when the exchange services are no longer needed and can be disabled.

  • "Hosted Exchange" is far simpler to configure for Off-site PCs and mobile devices

  • "Hosted Exchange" allows for mailboxes up to 50GB per mailbox - far greater than On-Premises servers can typically handle.
  • "Hosted Exchange" is largely managed remotely, via a Cloud based portal, making many configuration changes and updates quicker and easier for support staff

  • "Hosted Exchange" is based around a "per user" subscription model - rather than large capital expenditure for new servers and periodic upgrades.

  • "Migration to "Hosted Exchange" from "On-Premises" servers is easy and painless and provides an improvement in both availability and features for almost all businesses, as well as much improved spam and junk mail filtering.


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