Windows XP End-of-Life

April 2014 - Windows XP is now "End of Life."


Windows XP was released at the end of 2001 and formally made "End of Life" by Microsoft in April 2014, this date having been extended by some 6 years to allow users to migrate to newer and more secure versions of Windows.

No security updates have been released since April 2014, such that Windows XP users are increasingly more and more vulnerable to Malware such as Spyware and Viruses.  These typically aim to collect personal data such as banking login information and install other malware to further compromise users PCs.

The very old and insecure versions of Internet Explorer are no longer supported by many websites. In addition, Windows XP systems are unable to make secure connections to web sites now due to problems with the implementation of SSL used for "https:" connections.  This means that apparently secure connections could be intercepted without the users knowledge.

It is CRUCIAL that users upgrade to Windows 7 or later versions of Windows and follow good online security practices to be able to use online shopping and banking services securely.

Radix Services provide a range of Windows 7 and later desktop systems and migrate user data from systems being replaced as part of the setup and installation of new systems.  Note that Windows 7/8 compatible versions of any software in use will be required for new systems.


Robin Downs

Radix Services Ltd.